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Writing Great Visual Description

Writing great visual description is similar to taking an artful photograph. The focus of the description must be clear and present to the eye. In a photograph, we perceive the relationship between foreground and background. Our eye is guided by the structure of the … Continue reading

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Explore Your Senses and Write

Want to write and don’t know what to write about? Explore your senses and write about the experience as fully as you can. Put a strawberry in your mouth. Let your mouth feel it before you bite into it. Take … Continue reading

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Support for Your Writing Journal

Every single day, dozens and dozens of writing ideas pass us by. Take a moment to snag some of those ideas to write about later on. I  suggest using a practice similar to Oprah’s gratitude journal. Keep a Post-It tab … Continue reading

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Mind Drift and Writing Prompts

Letting our minds drift is a good way to stir our creativity. A major pull of reflective writing is the freedom to drift, letting one idea, one image connect with another–seeing a rocking chair in a magazine ad and having it call up … Continue reading

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