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Explore Your Senses and Write

Want to write and don’t know what to write about? Explore your senses and write about the experience as fully as you can. Put a strawberry in your mouth. Let your mouth feel it before you bite into it. Take … Continue reading

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Writing and Memory

Memory plays a major role in the process of writing–from short-term memory in the prefrontal lobe that holds the current intention to write to long-term memories in the hippocampus and cortex that hold the knowledge of how to form letters, spell words, create … Continue reading

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The Nature of Reflection

Reflecting on Language: My father had a passion for words that never dimmed. My clearest memory of him is seeing him sitting on the couch, reading, various dictionaries lined up on the couch beside him. Daddy had dictionaries for different purposes and … Continue reading

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Writing a la Mode—Reflective Writing

 Were you thinking ice cream? No, that’s for summertime I’m talking about modes of writing because reflective writing is considered a mode (manner) of writing. Opinions vary on the number of modes and exactly what constitutes a mode, but general … Continue reading

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