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Preparing for India

When I first made the decision to go to India, I immediately began making lists in my head of what I needed to take with me. First on my list was a notebook to jot down my impressions (I need … Continue reading

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What’s Your Point?

What is your point?  Rude as it sounds, the question “What’s your point?” reminds writers that communication always has a purpose. We don’t write merely to put words on paper. We want to express a thought, an idea, an opinion, … Continue reading

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Voice and Vantage Point

Voice. Developing one’s voice is critical for writers if each of us wishes to standout as unique in a galaxy of other writers. But voice is an aspect of writing that is formed from many different elements—tone, style, and vantage … Continue reading

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Tightening Your Prose

Hemingway’s Influence Writing tight prose need not make our writing dry and strangulated. Ernest Hemingway, known for his tight, concise prose style,  influenced most twentieth century writers. The crispness of Hemingway’s style demonstrated that the overly elaborated style of the … Continue reading

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The Hidden Structure of Writing

The word structure can evoke images of a linear arrangement of ideas, even a certain logical rigidity. Structure, however, can also be flowing and organic. The mind creates its own connections and provides its own logic if we allow our … Continue reading

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Writing Great Visual Description

Writing great visual description is similar to taking an artful photograph. The focus of the description must be clear and present to the eye. In a photograph, we perceive the relationship between foreground and background. Our eye is guided by the structure of the … Continue reading

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More Than Just a Comparison

Over the years, I have observed students’ struggles with writing comparison papers in composition classes. Invariably, a student’s thesis will end up being that two things are alike or two things are not alike. Getting students to make the leap … Continue reading

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Summer in the Universe

I’m spending some time away from work this summer. So, for the next month, I’ll be somewhere in the universe other than my office–for the most part. My blog will return in the fall as I continue to reflect on … Continue reading

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Change is Constant

Reflections on change seem to arise naturally out of the news these days. From earthquakes and tsunamis to tornadoes and floods, change is affecting thousands and thousands of people. Even at a distance from these disasters, we are affected by observing … Continue reading

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Road Trip Shepherdess

I may not have been herding sheep but taking even a small group of college students on a road trip can be a wandering and confusing drive. Where were those idyllic moments when I expected to be gazing at the lovely Iowa … Continue reading

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