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What’s Your Point?

What is your point?  Rude as it sounds, the question “What’s your point?” reminds writers that communication always has a purpose. We don’t write merely to put words on paper. We want to express a thought, an idea, an opinion, … Continue reading

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Voice and Vantage Point

Voice. Developing one’s voice is critical for writers if each of us wishes to standout as unique in a galaxy of other writers. But voice is an aspect of writing that is formed from many different elements—tone, style, and vantage … Continue reading

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The Hidden Structure of Writing

The word structure can evoke images of a linear arrangement of ideas, even a certain logical rigidity. Structure, however, can also be flowing and organic. The mind creates its own connections and provides its own logic if we allow our … Continue reading

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More Than Just a Comparison

Over the years, I have observed students’ struggles with writing comparison papers in composition classes. Invariably, a student’s thesis will end up being that two things are alike or two things are not alike. Getting students to make the leap … Continue reading

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Storytelling for Writers

Listening to some great stories today during a storytelling performance session reminded me that the art of storytelling can be an excellent exercise for writers. To tell a story artfully, capturing the listener’s attention, a storyteller must know all the … Continue reading

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Writing Teachers’ Favorite Words of Advice

All writing classes explore many of the same issues and strategies.  What makes each class unique is that every professor has his or her own take on how to bring students into the writing process to help them own the … Continue reading

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Tracing the Blueberry Path from the Previous Blog

Reflective writing does allow us to look inward, backward, around, and forward, feeling for connections, resonance, parallels, even incongruity among our own thoughts. These subtleties of pattern and signification are what help us develop meaning. We swallow blueberry juice from … Continue reading

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