Leaving India

Doesn’t seem possible that we have been in India almost five weeks and we’re leaving tonight. While at the clinic, it has been an honor to see and be treated by Dr. Raju, the renowned Ayurvedic physician. Linda describes his presence as feeling like father is at home. We honor him. Our thanks to all the staff here who have made us feel so welcome and well cared for during our stay.

One highlight of our last week here was the opportunity to hear the lovely Lucas sisters sing ragas one afternoon. Ragas are a traditional form of Indian songs that are lyrical and often have complex musical runs. The pure, clear voices of Kamala and Jahnavi Lucas brought bliss and joy to hearts. I look forward to hearing tapes of their performances. If I had had no other experience in India, that performance would have made the trip worthwhile.

Lastly, I want to say good-bye to all the wonderful people we met while at the clinic. When we left, I rushed off to straighten some things out at the front desk, forgetting I wouldn’t have another chance to say farewell to everyone. So now I take the opportunity to say good-bye. I hope our paths cross again. In the meantime, befriend me on Facebook, if you are so inclined, and we can stay connected.

Then it’s time for the airport and a last goodbye to the welcoming elephants.





And a day later, I am home with my buddies, Dudley and Sebastian. They are getting used to my being back, and I am getting used to being in my own laws of nature. Meanwhile, my laptop, my garbage disposal, and my land-line phone are not working–a  little chaos spilling out of the transition to home, but it feels good, and so do I.

India, I wish you the full sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment. Namaste.



Images: All photos except last two courtesy of Richard Furlough.

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