The Evolving Dinner Table

Our dinner table companions are an evolving international group. Homelands represented include Singapore, an island off Mauritius, Bali, England, Germany, France (Brittany), Iran, Argentina (by way of Skelmersdale and Dubai), and—claiming the largest percentage—Australia and New Zealand.


Some people have been coming to the Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi for years; others, like I, are here for the first time. Some are long-time meditators; others know little about TM; while still others practice other forms of meditation.  Some have simply heard about it from a friend. All come with interesting stories and backgrounds to share.

One interesting family includes David and Eva Lucas and their two lovely daughters. The family has lived in India for four years, using the time to tour all around India while their daughters finish their schooling via the Internet. The knowledge they share about India is fascinating and helpful.


Another companion, Cora from Argentina via Skelmersdale and Dubai, has been coming here for years. She knows all the “ins” and “outs” of the clinic and kindly shares that knowledge.



Cora has an “in” with the cook Bijender and talked him into making delicious noodles one night for everyone (the food is always wonderful). When Cora left, her lovely sister Ana joined us, and we continue to enjoy this family.



One dinner companion, a charming young Frenchman named Denis from Brittany, plays the sitar and entertains everyone who sits next to him at dinner. A slim, quicksilver individual, Denis devours five chapattis at each  meal and questions why I don’t  eat more!


Another charming man from New Zealand, named Mark, one minute tells us about his pregnant wife and the next explains the rules of cricket to us. You may remember Mark from a previous post when he served as our face-pack model.



Our dinner population shifts as people arrive and depart, but meals always provide a pleasant, social conviviality that everyone looks forward to during the day. Good food. Charming companions. The good life far from home.

Images: Photos courtesy of Richard Furlough.

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