Preparing for India

When I first made the decision to go to India, I immediately began making lists in my head of what I needed to take with me. First on my list was a notebook to jot down my impressions (I need to express myself or I start to founder). Second on the list was my new camera, which I hadn’t really learned to use yet (my love of visual expression equals my love of verbal expression), so I’ve been playing with the camera and getting better with it.

The lists stayed in my head for a while before I made any more purchases. In retrospect, not a very practical approach but it does reveal the way I plan most events in my life. The delay in my shopping was due in part to seeing to my passport and visa. My, how that cost has gone up since last I traveled off the continent! This step also made me aware of my age when I saw how many passports I had in my passport file folder. Nevertheless, I now have passport in hand, and I would share the photo with you, but I think only people I don’t know at all should have to look at that picture (my entire head is drooping!).

Shopping included a new rolling backpack, which I love, and then an endless list of small items that everyone kept telling me I would need in India. I think I’m finally done with shopping. Packing is next and with this step, the anticipation begins. I feel the reality of the trip. It’s taking shape in my mind. I’m going to India!

Note: Sebastian, by the way is not going to India with me :-(.

About dara

Associate Professor of Literature and Writing Maharishi University of Management Managing Editor Consciousness-Based Books
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