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Support for Your Writing Journal

Every single day, dozens and dozens of writing ideas pass us by. Take a moment to snag some of those ideas to write about later on. I  suggest using a practice similar to Oprah’s gratitude journal. Keep a Post-It tab … Continue reading

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Change is Constant

Reflections on change seem to arise naturally out of the news these days. From earthquakes and tsunamis to tornadoes and floods, change is affecting thousands and thousands of people. Even at a distance from these disasters, we are affected by observing … Continue reading

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Dara’s Top Ten Favorite Short Stories

All literature majors, whether undergraduate or graduate, eventually sit around and discuss what they would put on their lists of favorite stories, novels, poems, or plays. Though my lists tends to disassemble and reassemble themselves, my top-ten list of short … Continue reading

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The Charm and Evolution of Story

Stories have charm. From childhood on, we are charmed by stories. From the earliest fairy tales, to graphic stories, to literary stories, we listen to or read stories with absorption and excitement. When the cave man came home and depicted … Continue reading

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