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Reflection–Dynamism and Stasis

I’m caught by the notion of stasis implicit in the dynamics of reflection. When we think visually of a reflection, for example, mountains and trees reflected in a pool of water, the dynamism occurs in the act of reflection–the bending … Continue reading

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Journaling–Sustainable Writing Practice

“Curving back upon My own Nature, I create again and again . . . “ Bhagavad-Gita 9.8 Journaling is a sustainable writing practice that has multiple benefits not only for the aspiring writer but also for the professional writer. Sustainability, a concept, normally … Continue reading

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Journaling across the Disciplines

Fresh from teaching this past month, I am reminded once again that daily journaling is central to loosening and energizing the creative flow in students. Every class I teach, whether literature or writing, begins with journal writing. This writing is … Continue reading

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Road Trip Shepherdess

I may not have been herding sheep but taking even a small group of college students on a road trip can be a wandering and confusing drive. Where were those idyllic moments when I expected to be gazing at the lovely Iowa … Continue reading

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